Reputation and beyond "creating memories
for the future"

This era of digital transformation with its unprecedented challenges requires new strategies to identify and to deal with trolls, bots, manipulative disinformation, fake influencers and harassment. All activated by people but enforced by algorithms.

It is one side of the reputation spectrum. At the other side self-learning algorithms offer opportunities to build trusted relationships with truly personalized communication while respecting the privacy of people the organization tries to engage with.

Therefore, to protect a reputation in these new contexts one needs to cross the boundaries of today and to make a step beyond to enhance it. We have the methodologies and expertises to make it happen with your teams.

We believe that pursuing dreams drives the creation of the future and diversity the variety. In this spectrum memories play a crucial part in people's cognitive bias because it affects how people think and act. So the art of communication is to create memories for the future with moments of value in order to establish business-friendly environments and lasting relationships with stakeholders.

Our offerings to make the difference on all Communication Platforms: Brand & Reputation Strategies, Risks Assessments, Novel Engagement Programs, Social Network Strategies, Change Programs, Team Building, Interim Management.

Reputation and beyond


Michiel Berssenbrugge is founder of the Reputation and beyond network that started in 2005. In collaboration with company teams and board executives, Michiel develops and helps to implement visionary reputation & brand concepts, innovative strategies and alignment programs.

Also he has acted as (interim) corporate director for (inter)national companies, as member of Executive Teams, in Mergers & Acquisition Teams, and as Chair in complex crisis situations with international impact.

Consultancy and beyond

Being confronted with all kind of issues clients asks us to provide the consultancy services & solutions which restore trust among their stakeholders and strengthen reputations. Acting as a trusted advisor we deal with complex and delicate situations. We setup internal alignment programs that motivate, transform and thrive the desired culture to power the purpose organisations wants to realise.

In conjunction with top data-scientists we help companies and their teams to understand the impact of the digital transformation and to translate data analysis into personalised digital communications without interfering into the privacy of people, the organisation try to connect with.

Michiel has for these purposes a broad (international) network of professionals and expert companies who he hires as supportive team members in client projects. With as guiding principle: only the best fit will do.

Creations and Beyond

The secret to sustained success with novel concepts starts with outstanding teamwork and perseverance. The following projects were not possible without the participation of highly motivated, skilled team members. They joined the explorative journey to cross existing boundaries, while pursuing whole new opportunities. This in order to stay ahead of unfolding trends and disruptions with the creation of new 'moments of value'.

Belgium Beer Experience

Heineken Experience

Kitchen of the Future

de Baak


Verkade Experience

Start electric motoring

The concept Futureland

Novel rental concept

International Research

Michiel also initiated and supervised international research and co-creation programs with young adults, living in the most popular cities of the world. For companies he developed with multidisciplinary, internal teams novel communication and marketing concepts that became part of new market strategies.

A documentary about six young people living in different cultures who tell about their dreams and challenges (2004)

It was part of an international Heineken survey based on a completely new research technique that contradicted many assumptions linked with globalization, ‘the world is flat’ and ‘one brand, one meaning’.

The Beacon project revealed a world of emerging diversity thanks to unprecedented connectivity. Where young adults embarked on a journey to find their true identity, all in a different way. Sharing experiences was the new way to explore, being connected through Internet the way to bond and co-creation a new approach to achieve.


We have a high standard of protecting the interests of our clients since we are often invited to deal with highly sensitive, confidential and strategic issues. Therefore we are not on Facebook and Twitter, although we closely monitor and analyse the developments. To get in contact with us we offer the two options below. Please, be convinced we respond swiftly. Looking foward to helping you!